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Elena Paparizou
winner of ESC 2005
Elena Paparizou - winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2005 Ukraine, Kyiv!

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You need NO VISA
to come to UKRAINE!
Starting from May 1st to September 1st, citizens of the European Union and and Swiss Confederation will need NO VISAS to come to Ukraine!

You don't need Ukrainian visa if you are a citizen of one of the following countries:

European Union:

  • All EU countries (until September 1st)
  • Hungary (permanent)
  • Lithuania (permanent)
  • Poland (permanent)

Former USSR countries (permanent)

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Moldova
  • Russian Federation
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan

Other countries:

  • Mongolia (permanent)
  • Switzerland (until September 1st)

If you are a citizen of another coutnry that is not in the list, you need to obtain the Ukrainian visa before coming to Ukraine. You can learn the derails in your local Ukrainian Embassy or Consulate. Don't forget that obtaining the visa may take a week or two, so make sure you have enough time to get the visa before going to Ukraine.

Eurovision Song Contest 2008
Ani Lorak from Ukraine for Eurovision Song Contest 2008!

Welcome to Ukraine! Eurovision Song Contest 2005 Ukraine!

Ruslana  - winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2004In 2005, the contest celebrates its 50th anniversary. Thanks to Ruslana, Ukraine has the honour to organise the 2005 contest.

Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Ukraine, is the host city of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, which is the 50th edition!

The 2005 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in the capital of Ukraine, Kyvi! It's a special contest, because it's the 50th edition!

Kyiv, the capital of UkraineKyiv, the capital of Ukraine, has been appointed as host city for the 50th Eurovision Song Contest. Get to know one of the biggest cities in Europe, which is getting ready for Eurovision 2005!

Date of Eurovision Song Contest - semifinal: 19 May 2005

Date of Eurovision Song Contest - final: 21 May 2005

The 50th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place at the Palats Sportu (Kyiv's Sports Palace), which is located in Kyiv's city centre near metro station Palats Sportu, which is right in front of it). The venue is currently being renovated to host the 2005 contest in May 2005.

Kyiv Sports PalacePalats Sportu, the venue ofthe 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, has been designed by Viktor Tkachenko. Today it can host an audience of about 10,000 people. Check out the photo gallery of Palats Sportu here!

The building was constructed of glass, concrete and marble and was put into operation on 9th December 1960. It is the central sports building that regularly hosts different sports competitions, championships of state and international level. For 40 years, it has hosted over 4,000 concerts, 16 world championships, 22 European championships, 26 European cup matches, all together 430 tournaments in 24 kinds of sports.

Eurovision Song Contest 2005 Ukraine!In 1989, the Kyiv Sports Palace was granted the right to become an independent enterprise. In 1992, it became the collective leaser of the building. Thus, it was taken out of the state system, which brought it some profit at the first stages. In 1995, the group transformed to the close corporation and became the shareholder of the Kyiv Sports Palace.

Eurovision Song Contest 2008


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